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Hello there! Welcome you all to this new post. Today we are going to share an amazing and most wanted apk with you all. In this post, you will get the latest and newly launched TikTok ReVanced APK with its latest features. As you all know how far we used TikTok during the pandemic of COVID and entertained our days with its help.

TikTok ReVanced APK

TikTok is the platform where a variety of short videos are produced for us and depending upon our own choice we like or scroll to the next video. It is that simple to use this application. TikTok App has more than 100Cr downloads on the Google Play Store behalf On this it holds the best reviews over 6Cr. The craze for this application is very high and users love to use this application on their devices without any issues. Let’s take a close introduction to this application to get a better knowledge about it.


TikTok ReVanced APK is the advanced and modified version of TikTok APK. In this TikTok APK, a specific user can watch the specious short videos according to his choices and can like those videos to get more engagement for such types of videos. Also, a user can upload their content as a short video on this platform with a limited period of 60 seconds for that video. Users can entertain themselves by watching such favorable videos from this platform. From dances, art, and cultural, tutorials to funny videos a user can watch his most liked categorized videos on this platform. Even, if the user wants he can publish his content on it as well.

TikTok has several competitors in the market nowadays such as Instagram which offers a reel section where users can watch short videos, YouTube offers YouTube Shorts where users can watch such entertaining videos, and many platforms that are standing against TikTok APK. But TikTok has its fanbase or you can say its legacy. Many users are posting and watching daily to entertain themselves and to get fresh from their daily work routine. But there are some things that users don’t like or they want to avoid them. With the best possible short videos, TikTok also hosts some ads on their interface. And unfortunately, there is no other option to stop those ads on your application. Even there are no premium subscriptions that can stop those ads for the particulars. So, in such conditions, we most likely prefer to get an MOD version for this application and we came to know that there are several options available on the internet. And for this demand, we are here with this TikTok ReVanced APK. In this application, you will get to use all the possible premium features and modified features for free of cost. Let’s discover some amazing features and ingredients of this application.

App NameTikTok ReVanced APK
Size265 MB

📱 Discover the Power of TikTok ReVanced APK 📺

In our day-to-day busy life, we just need some entertainment or me-time in between. Because of this advanced technology, we have a wide range of platforms where we can spend our free time on them. And we guess TikTok is one of the best of all of them. As we know all about TikTok APK, let’s take a look at the power of this modified version of TikTok. So, TikTok ReVanced APK is the modified version of TikTok which comes with a lot of modifications and features within it. From blocking ads to customizing the video playback you are getting all the possible features within this application. With such awesome modified features, you just have to watch, engage, and skip what you don’t like. There are several features are implied in this modified version of TikTok APK. Ad-free feed, speed control, removed watermark, change download path, hide live streams, restricted mode, and many more like these. Let’s take a close look at some of these features one by one.


Feed Filters

Feed filters are available in order to block ads from the application, remove live streams, and even remove a certain video from a user that you want. Feed filters are going to help to change these services as per your needs. If you are getting ads on TikTok then this particular feature will help you to remove all the ads from the interface. Also, if you are willing to hide live streams then these features will also help you.

No Need To Login

This new TikTok ReVanced APK will not ask you to log in or sign up for your accounts. Even, if you want you can do it. If you are worried about your privacy data or you simply want to keep this application simple and don’t want to get your main accounts on this application then you are free to do that. , you can also get the all previous data from the original TikTok APK with the help of the ReVanced Manager APK on this new application.

Speed Control

TikTok ReVanced Latest Version

Control the speed of every video that you are going to watch on this application. This feature will allow the users to control the speed of video or video seeking at any point the user wants. Just tap or long hold on the video to speed up videos as much as you want. Allow yourself to speed up the video 2X, or 3X as you want and enjoy your content.

Settings From ReVanced

As you all know, this is the application right from the ReVanced team then you are given the all possible settings and features from the ReVanced. Use applications such as ReVanced Manager and MicroG to patch up the best features and settings to this TikTok ReVanced APK. Also, make sure that you can do customizations within this application whether in themes or package icons as well.

Progress Bar

Now, just like other platforms the users can also watch the progress bar of every video they play. Waiting long for the ending video is not needed now. Just push the progress bar where the point you want and start watching from there. This inbuilt progress bar will help the users to get to see the exact potion of a particular video as they want.

Download Path

Now, you can also change the download path of your video if you want. Normally, whenever you are going to download content from such video platforms they are directly stored in their premade named files on your device. Rather than saving them in such folders you can create your folder specifically and can change the path of download from the application. Then simply use this way to manage your storage and preferences.


Your all data is safe and even if you are worried this is the feature that will spoof the information that is retrieved from the fake sim cards. The information from the fake SIM cards bypasses your regional restriction over the application. So, even if you sign up your Google accounts on the application there are very less chances that your data will be stored or exposed to any others.

Remove Watermark

TikTok ReVanced Latest for Android

While downloading your favorite videos, they come with the watermark of TikTok or any other software that you use. For this here is the proper solution. With the help of this Remove Watermark feature, you can simply download your videos without any kind of watermarks directly from the TikTok ReVanced APK to your gallery. With this removed watermark, you overall get the best download quality of your videos and will enhance the experience for using this application.

Restricted Mode

Enable the restricted mode to access the content that is restricted by your country or region. This feature will allow the users to watch the content worldwide so far. If you having anything issues with this application in your region then this restricted mode will detect and continue to provide seamless content to watch without any restrictions.


Here are the final words about this application. We tried our best to deliver informative knowledge about this application and we also hope that all of you have understood this well. For those who are looking for the perfect MOD version for TikTok APK, we don’t think there is any other application over this one. You can check this out on your devices and share your experiences with us. If you face any other issues with this application or software then simply remind us through the comment box we will look over it. Thanks a lot for staying till last.

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 🤔

Q1: Where can I get the latest updates of this TikTok ReVanced APK?

You can simply check out here on this post to get the latest updates regarding this application.

Q2: Why should use this TikTok ReVanced APK over TikTok APK?

Ordinary TikTok APK won’t let the users use all these modified features. There are no particular premium memberships from where you can unlock such features. So, TikTok ReVanced APK has a plus point over ordinary TikTok APK.

Q3: How can I manage my all ReVanced applications on my device?

For this, we would like to suggest you use ReVanced Manager APK for managing all your ReVanced applications.

Q4: Is this application safe to use on my device?

As there is not any harmful software that will cause any kind of harm to your devices you can use this application without any issues.

Q5: Can I block the ads on TikTok ReVanced APK?

Sure, this application comes with an inbuilt ad blocker from where you already get this application without any ads on it.

Q6: Can I download the videos from TikTok ReVanced APK without a watermark?

Absolutely you can. There is a feature in this application for downloading your every media without any watermarks on it.

Q7: What are the Android requirements for getting this application?

You must have an Android device with Android version 8 or above.

Installation Guide

Here is the simple installation guide where with the help of this guidance you can get a proper version of TikTok ReVanced APK on your device. Follow the following steps one by one to get this application on your device.

Step 1: Remove all the previous versions of TikTok or TikTok ReVanced APK from your device.

Step 2: Download and install the latest version of TikTok ReVanced APK from here. Allow the necessary permissions on your device after the installation.

Step 3: Patch your TikTok ReVanced APK with ReVanced Manager to get all the possible premium features and modifications from the ReVanced software. Sign in with your account. And enjoy your application.

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