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Old Versions

A hearty welcome to all of you here. Before getting ahead, tell us, Do you get bored using the same and older YouTube APK on your phone? Do you all get frustrated watching so many ads on your every video? Does YouTube APK ask for the premium membership again and again for its premium features for you? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. Today we are presenting you the most demanded and needed application for this era YouTube ReVanced APK with its latest features and all. On your all demand, we did our best work to fulfill your demand. Have a nice stay here and get the best informative description about this application as follows.

YouTube ReVanced APK


YouTube Revanced is the next version of its Vanced version. Though YouTube Vanced is no longer available for newbies. Without watching this application die, we can have another alternative application for it and this Revanced APK has the best chance to stand against it. YouTube Revanced APK offers the same features as its older version Vanced, even this latest Revanced version carries out the best features within it which are better than Vanced APK. So for this reason, YouTube Revanced became the most awaited replacement for the YouTube Vanced.

YouTube Revanced APK is not a single application that comes from this Revanced community. This Revanced project holds other applications like Revanced TikTok, Revanced Lightroom, Revanced Reddit, Revanced Twitch, And YouTube Revanced Music. One of the developers of YouTube Vanced has participated in this Revaced project and introduced it to the globe with its best applications. It is already said that Revanced continuing the legacy of Vanced so the inclusive features that you are getting have probably never been used before. The most interesting feature of this system is that you can customize your experience with particular applications by applying feature patches to them within this Revanced project. This makes your usage of the applications even better than before. You will patches like background play, block-specific ads, and many more of them. Use these patches to make the interior editions to your application as you want.

Discover the Power of YouTube ReVanced APK!

Discover the Power of YouTube ReVanced

Normally we use YouTube for our entertainment and to add some extra knowledge. YouTube is one of the most important social media networks. And this causes to get a great audience as a traffic. Most YouTube creators use to promote the various brands from a company as a collaborator from their influenced content and the result is so clear to get more add-on viewers to the YouTube as customers. This is the basics of YouTube or any other social media platform. And what we are getting from it is nothing. All the users are used as a consumer from it. So, here in YouTube ReVanced APK, you will get the best features to explore also, you don’t have any restrictions to use the application as you can customize your application on your own so this is quite an interesting feature from this apk. YouTube ReVanced APK is totally different than ordinary YouTube. But if you are considering the YouTube Vanced APK then you will get to see most of the features are the same between them, but again Revanced version has some more features that Vanced also doesn’t have. Annalizing this all information we suggest users go with this latest YouTube ReVanced APK without any doubts. From now on, we will see some of the main key features of this application to get clarity about it.

Key Features

Key Features

Ad Blocking

Watching the ads on your every YouTube video is very frustrating nowadays. Getting YouTube Premium is not possible for all users. So, get rid of all featuring ads on your watching videos with this Ad Blocking feature. Watch your favorite content without getting a single ad on it. This feature initially allows you to remove all general advertisements from YouTube Home, banner ads video ads, sponsor ads, and every possible place from the application.

Background Playback

Play your most liked songs in the background while browsing other applications on your device. This feature allows user to use their other applications on their devices while playing YouTube music in the background. In normal YouTube, you are not allowed to use such a feature even without paying for the premium membership.

Background Playback

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode

Picture in picture mode will allow the user to surf another application while watching or listening to their ongoing content from YouTube. With the help of this PiP mode, you will able to read blogs or articles on the internet corresponding to the video playing. Just minimize the video and surf other applications while watching it. This feature makes the app very simple and user-friendly to all users. Do your other tasks while watching the videos in a small window floating on your device screen. Also, this feature is absolutely best for students where they can make notes or calculations while learning from the videos.

Customizable Video Quality

Video Downloading

Instantly download your loved videos in your gallery. Sometimes users want to make their favorite song or video available on their device so this video downloading feature will help you to make it happen. Download the high-quality video on your device without any issues. Now don’t need an external or third-party application to download YouTube videos. Simply download videos from here and share them with your friends and family members as you want.

Customizable Video Quality

Sometimes, the video creators post their videos with very low quality such as 144P, 370P, etc. So, in such cases, we users initially can’t watch those videos with the high quality on our devices. This YouTube ReVacned APK gives an amazing feature to all users to watch their favorite content without any limitations on video quality. Take the help of this feature and watch your favorite content with very high video quality on your device even if they are at low quality.

Customizable Video Quality

Themes and Customization

Get a wide range of customizations in the application. Customize themes, color schemes, and other visual elements in the application. Get the variety of colors in themes as it already provides the black and white theme to their users. Also, add the specious color schemes according to your favorite within the application. Make other visual elements perfect with the help of this customization. Even you can do custom branding on this application. If you don’t want to use the branding logo as provided to the application you can simply change it with this customization.

Video Repeat and Shuffle

Turn on off video repeat with this given feature. Also, you can use the auto shuffle option while you are watching the content from your built-in playlists. Repeat as you want your most loved songs or any other video content on YouTube. Use the auto-repeat option to start the video from the beginning after it ends. There are some unique players where you will get such a feature to shuffle the videos. As well as you can shuffle the songs from YouTube.

Background Music Play

Most of the users love to play songs from YouTube. In such cases, if you play a song onto a normal YouTube and place it in the background then it won’t support that. But here is the feature that you want. Get this feature with this application and enjoy your most loved songs in the background while using your other applications on your device. Explore the all listed songs on YouTube and enjoy them on high quality as well.

Swipe Controls

Just like the other multimedia players use the swipe gestures on this YouTube ReVanced APK. Use the swipe controls to increase and reduce the volume and brightness of your ongoing video. Now there is no need to press the volume buttons from your device even don’t need to swipe down the navigation centre to adjust the brightness. Get this amazing and simple feature for all of it. Just swipe up and down for your brightness and volume. Use the swipe gesture to adjust the brightness on the left side of your screen and the right-side swipe gesture to adjust the volume for your videos.

Subtitles Customization

In the case of customization, you are getting an unexpected variety within it. By doing all other customizations you can also customize the subtitles of your every video. Watching the videos from in the other languages you can get to watch the species subtitles of every possible language. Watch any video from any region of the world with their own language and use your suitable and referred English subtitles for a better understanding of that video.

Disable AutoPlay

Just like video repeat, AutoPlay is the feature where you can stop playing the next video automatically after one is finished. Also, you can enable this feature for playing the next video in the queue after one is finished. Most of the users don’t want to get played the right next video so both video repeat and disable autoplay are the features produced for it. Don’t want to play the next video then just disable autoplay from the patches and you will enable this amazing feature on your application.

Block Restricted Content

Block Restricted Content

Want to give this YouTube to your children? and avoid using YouTube Kids separately on your device. Then don’t worry about this. Get the help of this Block Restricted Content feature to block sensitive content from the application. This feature will help you to automatically detect the sensitive content from any video and will directly block that content without any single permission. If you are a parent and usually you use YouTube with your kids then this feature will literally help in such cases. Once you activate this feature within your application you don’t have to install the YouTube Kids separately on your same device. This will save your storage and time.

Channel and User Block

Block the channel and user with the help of this feature. In normal YouTube, you can mostly off the recommendation for a specific video creator or channel, but you can not block that video or user from your YouTube. Even you are only able to report the user. But with this feature, you can directly block the user or video you want. Now don’t use the turn-off channel recommendation instead block them direct if you find any harm from it. Also, you can use this feature to avoid getting in contact with spammers on YouTube. If you see anything suspicious on any particular channel then you can easily block them with this feature.

Video Speed Control

Normally, YouTube provides a range of speed control from 0.25X to 2X for every user. Here in this YouTube ReVanced APK provides the user the specious playback speed according to the user’s need. Customize the speed of your every video as per your need and enjoy your content. Sometimes the user needs the best clarity on a video or may there be an issue in the sound of a specific video so in such cases users can use this feature to slow down the speed of the video or make it fast for their preferences.

Video Speed Control


There are a lot of features to explain about this YouTube ReVacned APK but we don’t want to take too much time from you. We have shared valuable and important information about this application from our side. Also, we have tried our best to explain every single listed feature about this application, as we have mentioned there are many more features about this apk. But we picked some of the most discussed and well-used features and presented them to you all here. Again if someone doesn’t know what the ReVanced APK is then this is the application that continues the legacy of YouTube Vanced. YouTube Vanced was the application where you were getting all the mod features and premium features more than normal YouTube Apk. But as Vanced vanished and was unable to include newbies within it this YouTube ReVanced APK stood as a brother to Vanced and made all the users glad to use it. We hope that we have provided the right information about this application and the users are satisfied with it. Also, if there are any issues while using the application let us know in the comments and we will definitely look over it. Goodbye all!

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What is YouTube ReVanced APK?

YouTube ReVanced APK is the latest and well-modified upgraded version of YouTube Vanced. Provides the specious features that ordinary YouTube doesn’t.

Is YouTube ReVanced safe to use?

Yes absolutely, YouTube ReVanced APK is safe to use over on any device without any issues. It does not cause any kind of harm or damage to your devices.

How do I download YouTube ReVanced APK?

You can simply click on the download button mentioned on this page to get the exact and suitable version of the YouTube ReVanced APK.

Does YouTube ReVanced work on both Android and iOS devices?

Initially, this app was not built for iOS but now you can use this application on your iOS devices too.

Will I get banned from YouTube for using YouTube ReVanced?

There is no such particular reason to ban any user from using YouTube ReVanced APK. You also have to keep in mind that you won’t be able to use this application unless you do not delete the original one.

How do I update YouTube ReVanced APK?

We are here for you always. Just visit our website to check if there are any updates on this application. From our end, we continuously keep our users updated in the future.

Are there any additional features planned for future updates?

As soon as we get any information through the developers we will implant the updates to the application and you will able to get them in the future.

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