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Have you used Vanced apps such as ReVanced YouTube or ReVanced Music? Well, if you did, you must know that you are not able to sign to your Google account on those apps. Well, this issue is fixed with the help of ReVanced MicroG APK.

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Old Versions

Hi there, this article is about ReVanced MicroG and here, you will find all the details you will need to understand what this app is all about. Have you used Vanced apps such as ReVanced YouTube or ReVanced Music? Well, if you did, you must know that you are not able to sign to your Google account on those apps. Well, this issue is fixed with the help of ReVanced MicroG APK. You wonder how? Well, keep reading this article to know.

ReVanced MicroG APK Download

There are many apps that use Google Play Services to run properly and some of the popular apps are YouTube, YouTube Music, and others. Well, in the case of ReVanced, you will also need Google Play Services to log in to your account. You can skip downloading ReVanced MicroG APK if you don’t want to log in to your Google account. But if you want to, you will need this app as it helps you log in Google account on ReVanced. From there, lots of features can be unlocked such as your Subscriptions, Video Library, Likes, Watched videos, and more.

Why Do You Need ReVanced MicroG APK?

The main importance of having ReVanced MicroG on your Android device is the functionality of logging into your Google account while using ReVanced YouTube or ReVanced Music. As we know about Vanced and ReVanced, both are the same and offer you an Ad-Free user interface while watching YouTube. But as Vanced is not officially available (yes, I know it’s there with ReVanced Patches), users can now download the newest YouTube MOD, ReVanced APK. ReVanced is continuing the legacy of Vanced and has lots of contributions & sponsors on GitHub.

ReVanced is an awesome YouTube app where you can customize the application experience by applying patches. There are many patches available such as Alternative thumbnails, Always autorepeat, Background play, Block video ads, Block Embedded Ads, Change Package name, Disable auto-captions, and so many more.

Features of ReVanced MircoG

ReVanced MicroG interface Screenshot
  • Anti-Ban & Light-Weight App
  • Privacy Upgrades
  • Connect to your Google Account
  • No Need for Google Play Services
  • Cloud Messaging available
  • Easy UI
  • Install with MicroG

What’s New?

In the newer version of the app, many features are changed and you can access them if you get the app from our website. Check the following changes:

  • ReVanced MicroG is no longer a system app.
  • The ReVanced MicroG package name changed from to to support installation alongside the official MicroG.
  • Removed unnecessary features such as Ads, Analytics, Car, Droidguard, Exposure-Notifications, Feedback, Firebase, Games, Maps, Recovery, Registering app permissions, SafetyNet, Self-Check, Search, TapAndPay, Wallet, and Wear-API.
  • Removed all permissions, as none are required for Google authentication.

About MicroG GmsCore

MicroG GmsCore is a free software reimplementation of Google’s Play Services It helps apps that are proprietary Google APIs to run on AOSP-based ROMs like LineageOS. It acts as a replacement for Google Play Services. MicroG GmsCore is a powerful tool to keep your data & identity safe while using apps that require a Google account such as YouTube.

MicroG GmsCore Features

  • MicroG GmsCore is an open-source, free app with Apache 2.0 License
  • Zero bloatware installed
  • Uses less battery, CPU, and RAM
  • You can enable/disable location service
  • Opt-in to Google Services and extend application support
  • Works on mobile devices as well as emulators
  • Required Android system that supports signature spoofing

All Features Described

ReVanced MicroG key features

ReVanced MicroG lets you sign in to your Google Account without compromising your privacy. There are lots of permissions removed to make this app a little lightweight for your Android device.


ReVanced MircoG makes your app secure by keeping your identity hidden from the official servers. Many Vanced users got banned using the app, but with ReVanced MircoG, it is so hard to get banned. Account to Google, Vanced, ReVanced, etc. apps are third-party and Google doesn’t support them. But users who can’t stay with ads can move to ReVanced with the MicroG app. Here, they can log into their Google accounts without a ban.

Connect to your Google account

If you want to restore all your subscriptions, channels, likes, watched videos, saved videos, and more, you can connect ReVanced to your existing Google account. ReVanced MircoG will help you achieve it. Without a ban, you can connect to your Google account and access everything that is on your official app.

ReVanced MicroG New features

Privacy Upgrades

There are many permissions and unnecessary features removed from this app, making it lightweight, fast, and secure. These permissions include Ads, Analytics, Car, Droidguard, exposure notifications, Feedback, Firebase, Games, Maps, Recovery, Registering app permissions, SafetyNet, Self-Check, Search, TapAndPay, Wallet, and Wear-API. It makes the user more secure and keeps their identity hidden from the official servers.

Cloud Messaging available

It’s a new feature available on ReVanced MicroG. With Cloud Messaging, you can enable push notifications from Vanced apps including YouTube ReVanced, ReVanced Music, and more. So, whenever new updates come, the user will get notified. Direct from the app, they can update the app as well.

ReVanced MicroG features

Easy UI

The user interface is simple and there are a few options available such as adding a Google account and registering a device. Well, you can register your device with ReVanced MicroG like you do whenever you set up a new smartphone. When you register your device, it will create a new Android ID, while keeping the original hidden. So, from then on, you can download & install third-party apps and with your Google account.

ReVanced MicroG Setting

ReVanced MicroG Setting

Account Configuration

Privacy Settings

Push Notification Settings

Install with MicroG

The package names of MicroG and ReVanced MicroG are the same. So, you can install it along MicroG.

Android Libraries Used

ReVanced MicroG uses many Android libraries. They are ChromeCast Java API v2, Conscrypt, CircleImageView, SafeParcel 1.7.0, Wire Protocol Buffers, and more. You can find all the details on the official GitHub page.

How To Install ReVanced MicroG APK

ReVanced MicroG Easy Install

You have come so far, thanks for reading this article. Well, don’t leave before reading the installation guide. Make sure you have free space on your Android device to install this app too.

  1. First, download the App from a trusted source.
  2. After downloading, open the app from File Manager or directly from the Notification panel.
  3. Now, enable third-party installation. You can ignore the warning but keep in mind ReVanced MicroG is safe to install.
  4. Now, tap on the install button and let it finish.
  5. From now on, you can use ReVanced MicroG to log in to your Google account in the ReVanced app.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is ReVanced and is it safe?

ReVanced is an alternative to Vanced where users can watch YouTube without ads or use YouTube premium features for free such as Background Play, Ads-Free UI, PiP Mode, Download Videos, and some more features. This app is not controlled by Google so there are chances of a ban. After Google shut down Vanced apps, developers from all over the world worked on this ReVanced project to make it the best Vanced alternative. So many people may ask the question: Is ReVanced safe? Well, yes it is. Also, it keeps your identity safe even if you log in to your Google account (which is only possible with ReVanced MiroG).

What is ReVanced MicroG?

ReVanced MicroG is an app that can help you sign into your Google account while using ReVanced apps such as ReVanced Youtube, ReVanced Music, etc. It’s because there are so many apps that require a user to sign in to their Google account to access more features. On YouTube, people need to sign in to save their subscriptions, library videos, likes, watched videos, and more. As ReVanced is an unofficial YouTube app, here, the official Sign-in doesn’t work. You will need the ReVanced MicroG app to log in or connect to your Google account.

What is GmsCore?

Service Core (GmsCore), a main component of the MicroG Project, is a library app with all the functionalities to run apps that need Google Play Services or Google Maps Android API (v2).

What are the requirements to run Service Core (GmsCore) on Android?

To use this app, you will need a device that supports signature spoofing. This is because GmsCore can remove the requirement of Google Play Services for Google API apps. So, users can log in to their Google accounts without the Play Services app.

Can you disable ReVanced MicroG?

Yes, you can disable it. From the app management settings, you can force-stop or even uninstall the ReVanced MicroG app. Also, you can hide it’s icon as well.

Why do I need ReVanced MicroG?

You will need ReVanced MicroG if you want to sign in to your Google Account while using the ReVanced Youtube app. This app isn’t necessary to download if you don’t want to connect your Google account. ReVanced APK will work properly with or without this MicroG app.

Will I Be Banned using ReVanced MicroG or ReVanced?

This is a big question so many people ask. Well, you won’t be banned for using ReVanced MicroG. This is safe to install on Android. It will help you connect your Google account while using third-party applications such as YouTube ReVanced, ReVanced Music, etc. You won’t be banned because there are many privacy features that are disabled in ReVanced MicroG and you can check their details in this article.

Final Words

In the end, we will thank all of you for reading this article about ReVanced MicroG APK. This is a must-have app for ReVanced users who want to save their subscriptions, likes, video library, etc. This app works fine on all Android devices and will help you bypass the issue of logging Google Account on ReVanced. Also, the Easy user interface will help you navigate through the app more easily. You can update the upcoming latest versions from the app itself. Just enable the cloud messaging feature and it will notify you whenever a new update is available.

Speaking of ReVanced, it is an amazing modified third-party YouTube app where you can watch videos without ads and without any interruptions. This is heaven for those who cannot afford YouTube Premium to enable extra features such as Removing Ads and Background play options. And so the ReVanced MicroG app lets you sign in to your Google account without compromising your true identity. Download the latest version of ReVanced MicroG APK from our website.

ReVanced MicroG Team

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