ReVanced Manager

Have you heard about this ReVanced Manager [Latest Official] APK? For those who don’t know, this is an application or software to be used as a patcher for your social and YouTube applications. Do you want to patch the latest modified features to your application without waiting for the updates? Do you want to use the original application as before with the newest feature without paying a single money? Then this is the right application for you all.

ReVanced Manager for Android

Here in this application, you will easily get to edit or modify your social applications like YouTube, YouTube Music, TikTok, Reddit, and many more modifications like building your favorite application your way to experience on your device. If you are using ReVanced applications like ReVanced YouTube APK or ReVanced Music APK then you are owing a plus point while using this same application. Let’s gather some more information about this application in depth. Stay tuned.


Many of the users were stably using the Vanced Manager APK for a while and they all got used to that application. But because of some rules and regulations, Vanced Project must have to shut down its services. And beyond all these, there were no alternatives for this project. Then suddenly the ReVanced Project popped up and continued to work as Vanced was. It is the past story about this application to know what happened at that time and the workings. Now, with this ReVanced Manager APK, all the users can take the benefits they were getting from the Vanced before. Even the users will eventually get some more than Vanced in this project. The ReVanced Manager is built for managing all social applications even if they are original ones. Here in this software, you will get to explore the amazing patched features that will make your application look the best and work best simultaneously.

There is no need to get the other moded social applications on your device as soon as the ReVanced is here. Manage your applications like Twitter, YouTube, YT Music, TikTok, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, and some others while operating their top-notch features within them. Usually, we get the normal version with their basic features within them, and for the option out, we look for the modded application as an alternative. But think about that is it okay to get every time a mod application for every single ordinary application.. No. Then it will be the best option to use the same ordinary application while managing them with this single third-party organization. Make better use of this software as patching features, There are a lot of options available for managing such applications in the market. But if you are a user of ReVanced then the ReVanced Manager APK is the best and a plus option for you all. Let’s discover some more features and information regarding this software.

App NameReVanced Manager [Latest Official]
Size45 MB

Guide Patch YouTube Using ReVanced Manager

ReVanced Manager is the only suggested and proper way to patch up all the ReVanced applications to get all the possible services from the individual applications. Here, if you are going to use the ReVanced applications on your device then you need a best manager to manage all the data from those applications. , ReVanced Manager is going to take that responsibility and it is going to provide you all a seamless experience throughout all your ReVanced applications. Let’s take a look at how exactly every user can download this ReVanced Manager on their devices and patch the suitable applications to it.

Download Supported APK File:

After installing ReVanced Manager on your device, you can install the applications you want such as YouTube, YT Music, and many more. Check out the compatibility for the applications according to your device’s specifications and get the proper version on your device. Make sure that you own the right and supported version of those applications and ReVanced Manager as well.

Open ReVanced Manager:

Open the ReVanced Manager APK on your device by granting the all necessary permissions to it.

Click on the patcher option:

On the interface, you will see a patcher option. Simply click it to see which applications you can connect from your device.

Choose The Apk file:

After clicking on the patcher option, you will see the list of applications that you are able to connect with ReVanced Manager. Just choose and select your needed application file from that list.

Mark patcher option:

It is almost done. Now, mark the patcher options along with your selected applications from that list. Enable the needed patcher options that you want to apply to your application.

Patcher in the process:

You will see a page with saying the patcher in the process. Wait until the confirmation for all patchers to be applied.

The Process may take some time:

Not specific but this process may take some time to finish it. So, just be relaxed until it is finished. As you see all the processes have been done then start looking forward to the installation process as mentioned below.


Install as a Root Devices:

For Rooted Android devices, users can simply download and install the latest version of ReVanced Manager from our page. Open ReVanced Manager and tap on the ‘Magisk’ icon to grant them all the root permissions. And now you are able to install applications like ReVacned YouTube and ReVanced YouTube Music by connecting them to ReVanced Manager.

Install for Non-Root Devices:

Remove all the previous versions of all ReVanced applications from your device. Download the latest ReVanced Manager APK from here and simultaneously download your needed ReVanced applications as well. Install them while running ReVanced Manager in the background for some required background permissions. Now it is finished, Enjoy your services.

Note: Is it so hard to install an APK using ReVanced Manager? No worries YouTube Can directly install ready-to-use ReVanced YouTube and Music.

📱 Discover the Power of ReVanced Manager APK! 📺

Discover the Power of ReVanced Manager

As we have mentioned earlier, there are a lot of options for the best manager application on the internet such as MicroG, FlameG Apps, and many more. But if you are a specified user of ReVanced then you might encounter some difficulties while operating those applications on your device. So, for that, you will get this ReVanced Manager APK in the replacement of all those applications. This ReVanced Manager APK will make the simple for ReVanced users. Modify the Revanced as well as the original applications on your device. Use this application as a patcher tool for the other applications. Repair all broken features from every single application that you patched. Get the inbuilt downloader for multimedia applications. Make use of Premium logo branding to get satisfied with assuming as a premium user without paying a single money and for your personal use. Such features you are getting to explore. Let’s find out some more features of this application with in-depth learning.

AdFree Interface

Eventually, all the users will get the ad-free version of every ReVanced application. But on this ReVanced Manager APK, you will get to use an ad-free interface for free. Not like the other applications you will surf this software seamlessly on your device without any interruption. One of the most demanded features is here make sure to take the benefits of this one.

AdFree Interface

Patch Applications

From original applications to the ReVanced application, you will be able to patch the application that you want. Patching original applications will help to fix the bugs and repair the broken features as well. The users can also update and modify their applications according to their favor. Use it to send a bug report or report feedback to get the broken feature fixed. Path the premium features along with your applications while you can remove the unwanted features or an instrument as well with this system. To get the best performance from your applications and make them stable for continuous in the future you must need this feature in your Manager application.

Patch Applications

Premium Logo Branding

Now no need to pay for the premium membership. On YouTube, YouTube Music, or any other application, you will get this premium branding logo if you want. Most of the users demand this feature, eventually, you will already see this feature in every particular application whether it is YouTube or YT Music. Besides, the user will be able to apply the same feature from this Manager apk. With this premium logo, you are also getting its premium features to explore as we have discussed earlier.

Activate Download

Now download your favorite multimedia on your device without any hesitation. Just activate the Download feature from the ReVanced Manager APK and start to use it. The videos, songs, and overall content from your favorite multimedia like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. you can download them easily on your device for free. No need to use any third-party application for this feature just make it activate and rest leave on the manager it will automatically patch the feature to every connected application and download your needed content.

Dark Theme With Material UI Design

Enable the Dark theme in the background of the interface and light text materials on it to get an aesthetic visual of the application. With Material UI Design user can turn on this theme with one swap on their device. Make use of this dark theme to reduce eye strain and to get a comfortable visual of the interface. Even you can customize the theme and color scheme as you want on your own basis.

Dark Theme screenshot

Best Patcher

Beyond using this application as an APK use it as a software tool as well. This is a software tool used to apply patches or updates to other software applications. Use this patcher to patch the security regarding features, to fix bugs, and also to patch some new more added features to your various applications. This is one of the best patchers available on the internet for applying your applications. You can ultimately use this patcher to customize your applications from any point where you want.

Repair Broken Feature

Along with the best patcher, you can also make it use to repair all broken features from any connected applications. With the help of this feature, the user can fix broken features such as rendering issues, loading timeout, screen glitches, and many more of these. Even a particular user can fix the inbuild feature which is not working well. Just raise your bug report in the feedback section to get your problem solved and start exploring your apps without any issues.

Instant Updates

screenshot of Instant Updates

Now no need to wait for upcoming updates and to download them every time. Whenever we use a Mod application we must check out the latest version of each of them whenever it gets published. But here you won’t have to do that, this is your owned manager application where you can modify the applications as needed. Besides, there is no need to download the applications on your own the manager will work for you and will keep your all connected applications up to date every time. This feature will remove the burden from your shoulders of always getting engaged with such tasks. Let the ReVanced Manager APK take care of such tasks.


Come to an end, this is the summarized and well-detailed information regarding the ReVanced Manager [Latest Official] APK. And we hope that all users have got an assured knowledge of this application. We would like to thank all of the users who stayed till last and this is our pleasure to have such an audience with us. Feel free to use this application on your device and make sure to keep yourself with us in the future as well to get such a variety of applications and services from our side. If you face any issues with the application then you can ask our executives with the help of the comment box given below. Goodbye!!

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🤔 Frequently Asked Questions🤔

Q1: What is ReVanced Manager [Latest Official]?

ReVanced Manager [Latest Official] is the software application that will manage your all patched applications by adding your loved features to them.

Q2: How can I add my ReVanced YouTube APK to the ReVanced Manager APK?

You can simply open the ReVanced Manager APK and click on the app info and there you will get an option to patch your ReVanced YouTube APK and original YouTube APK as well.

Q3: Which applications will be beneficial to patch with ReVanced Manager [Latest Official]?

If you are using original applications on your device then you might miss out on some best features if you are a ReVanced user then you might get to use the variety of features on your applications and this will be beneficial for you.

Q4: Which Android is compatible to use this ReVanced Manager [Latest Official]?

You can make seamless and effective use of this ReVanced Manager [Latest Official] on Android version 8+

Q5: Should I root my device for this ReVanced Manager [Latest Official]?

This ReVanced Manager [Latest Official] allows the users to use the application on non-rooted and rooted devices as well.

Q6: Can I fix the broken features and the bugs for my certain application by using this ReVanced Manager [Latest Official]?

Sure, this is the manager application where you can fix most of the bugs and repair the broken features as well. Now you don’t need to get in contact with the particular contact support all the time for such basic issues, rather you can fix them on your own with this application.

Q7: Where can I get to see such other ReVanced applications from you?

You can simply check out our homepage to get more ReVanced APKs from our end.

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