ReVanced Manager

There is no need to get the other moded social applications on your device as soon as the ReVanced is here. Manage your applications like Twitter, YouTube, YT Music, TikTok, Reddit, Spotify, Twitch, and some others while operating their top-notch features within them. Usually, we get the normal version with their basic features within them, and for the option out, we look for the modded application as an alternative. But think about that is it okay to get every time a mod application for every single ordinary application.. No. Then it will be the best option to use the same ordinary application while managing them with this single third-party organization. Make better use of this software as patching features, There are a lot of options available for managing such applications in the market. But if you are a user of ReVanced then the ReVanced Manager APK is the best and a plus option for you all. Let’s discover some more features and information regarding this software.

App NameReVanced Manager [Latest Official]
Size45 MB