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ReVanced Music APK [Official Version] with its latest version

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Old Versions

It is always been satisfying to listen to our best songs as our moods swing. And for that, there are very good music player platforms available in the market. And YouTube Music is one of them. Owning more than 100 Million songs including variable content on YouTube Music is a great thing in itself. YouTube Music has over 1 Billion downloads with a good rating of 4.5on Google Play Store. Here on this application, you will get to explore the good quality of songs with a wide range as mentioned above.

ReVanced Music All About Latest

Most of our users are already enjoying this apk on their devices. But here is the twist regarding this application. There is a demand for the best-modified version of this application over the official one. So, today we come here to fulfill the all wishes of those users. We are presenting the newly launched ReVanced Music APK [Official Version] with its latest version. The Official version represents that this is the first well-known modified version of YouTube Music. Even though you will also get to see the ReVanced Music APK [Extended] version of this Revanced. So before you all get confused keep that in mind this is the official version and the Extended version comes with some more added features and patches as well. You can also check out the Extended version for more information. Now we will look forward to ReVanced Music APK [Official] for right now.

Introduction of ReVanced Music

ReVanced Music Introduction

Nowadays, every person gets addicted to the songs where they are doing work, exercise, or any other activities. Music become the need of today’s generation. For this need, there are many platforms available in the market. You will see platforms like Spotify, Wynk Music, and many more. But most of the users use YouTube Music for its fantastic features and user face. And we also think that this is the right music player platform for all the listeners. Now there is huge demand for the moded version of this application by the users. Now it had become a big question where to get the right application. Between that time, the Vanced project was born and launched this application along with all other applications like YouTube, Reddit, TikTok, and many more. All the Vanced applications went right but lack of deficiencies in project work the Vanced project went down and there was no other option available for that project. As the users loved this project with their all applications they raised huge demand for it and as a result of this, we got the ReVanced project. This past story will remove your confusion and will give you a clear idea about the whole application.

Is This Modified Version?

ReVanced Music APK is the modified version of the ordinary YouTube Music APK. Here, you will get all the features from the ordinary version even you will also get to use the premium features as well. This APK will help the users to use the all necessary features including premium features for free of cost. Enjoy your favorite content from your favorite artists without any interruption on this APK. You can simply use this APK on your Android devices with Android version 8.0 or above. This application can be downloaded just by clicking the “Download” button on this page. Grab this opportunity and get this amazing application on your device to explore the wide range of songs, live podcasts, shows, and many more content that you always want. Let’s discover some more particular information about the application in the next section. So, stay tuned.

Discover the Power of ReVanced Music APK!

Discover the great use of this ReVanced Music APK with its latest features and interface. Customize and build your own application as you want with the help of applicable patches. In this process, you can change the logo of your application, add some extra features, or remove them whenever you want. On the other hand, enroll the all premium and VIP features without paying a single money. Now, you can stop getting the ads, won’t ‘Get premium ads’, possible audio codecs, and all others that will be useful to all users. Keep up yourself with what’s trading. Get the best recommendation according to your taste and enjoy the further. Play in the background while using the other application without any issues. There are a lot of more features which can be discussed with you all so let’s take a look at those one by one.

ReVanced Music Key Features

Disabled Ads

Get an Ad-free version of this application. We all getting tired of watching the ads on every single content or song and this getting so frustrating for all the users. So, this feature will ultimately help you all to get rid of every single ad from the application. This will automatically switch the video ads, audio ads, sponsor ads, and homepage ads as well to make you all better able to surf without any interruption. Most of the users are familiar with this feature, but who are not this is more than a premium feature that you will get for free.

Play In Background

YouTube Music APK will allow this feature after getting their premium membership but here it is all yours for free. Now, every user can play their favorite songs in the background while surfing the other applications simultaneously. This is the best feature for those who love to scroll social media and listen to songs side by side. Also, the users who used to listen to songs at night before songs with shutting their devices this is the right feature. Even users can minimize the application in a small window if they want.

Audio Codecs

Let the user choose what kind of quality they want to listen to songs. Even this ReVanced Music APK will already provide high-quality songs, though you can change the quality while adding or changing the audio codecs. This modified feature will help the user to get a suitable audio codec as they need and will help to boost the sound quality. This feature has a major effect on usage, as it will help in noise cancellation, strengthen the poor sound quality, and initially boost the sound performance overall.

Expanded Smart Download

ReVanced Music Expanded Smart Download

As you all know there is already a feature in YouTube Music for offline downloads along with your remaining storage named Smart Downloads only in the application. But here you will get an option to download your most loved songs externally as a feature. So, make sure to use this feature to download high-quality songs that you like on your device without any issues. Basically, this Smart Download allows the user to download the songs within the application for offline listening. But with this feature, the users can download the same songs on their devices external to the application.

Customize Brandings

It is the best chance for all users to customize the application as they want on their devices. Customize the branding music name, app icon, package name, and more. Users can give the name from the options such as removing YouTube Music, also can change the branding icon of the application by taking another from the options that are given, and even they can change the whole package name on their devices. This type of customization would be given by this feature.

Create Own Playlists

Without getting limitations for making your own playlists as in the ordinary version, you can now create the playlists according to your genre and artists to any number on your own. There are most users love to create playlists according to their needs, they love to build playlists for every specific genre and artist as well but only because of certain limitations and premium membership they won’t make them as they want. So, this feature will ultimately help them get a proper playlist according to them without any limitations.

Supports MicroG

ReVanced Music Supports MicroG

For those who are not relevant to this then this is the third party software. The MicorG is the software that will allow the users to add their Google accounts to access their data in the ReVanced applications like they normally use. This software will interconnect with all the other ReVanced applications to access their data to the particular applications. Those who want their premade playlists in YouTube music, even liked songs or any kind of data from their accounts then they can just take the support of this feature to regain everything.

Actual Lyrics

Get the actual and real-time lyrics to your every song as you listen to songs. Just like premium users now you can also take advantage of lyrics. Listen to your most loved songs and remember the lyrics right when you play them.

Amoled Dark Theme

Tired of watching that same old theme that YouTube Music owns then try out this Amoled dark theme to get a better feeling and experience while surfing the application. This dark theme will be very aesthetic and very handy to understand while using this application. Let’s jump out to the trading in addition to getting this amazing feature in our application.

Swipe Gestures

Now don’t need to swipe out the navigation pannel for only adjusting the brightness and volume. Make use of these swipe gestures to control the brightness and volume simultaneously. just like the video multimedia players this application will also allow this same feature of swipe gestures. Make a better use of this feature.

Activate Landscape

ReVanced Music Activate Landscape

Activate the landscape mode to get a horizontal interface of this apk. No need to turn on the auto rotation from the settings just enable this feature and it will work the same. Also, you can deactivate this mode if you want a normal mode for view. There such more modes available to every particular feature within the application.

Podcasts & Live Events

Enhance your knowledge by listening to the various knowledgeable podcasts from the application. Don’t miss out on your favorite live events or live shows and watch them at the right time. Just like premium users now you all can take the benefits as they are getting for free. Enjoy your favorite podcasts and live song events from the world on your application.


Here are the final words and we hope that you all members did understand this post very well. In this post, we discussed the information regarding the ReVacned Music APK [Official] very well. We also tried to give information on the best and most important features of the application. We suppose that you all would love to use this application on your devices. In any case, if you face any issues regarding this application or post just feel to free to let us know in the comment section. We would like to know which application you all want next so raise your opinions as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ReVanced Music APK [Official]?

ReVanced Music APK is the modified version of YouTube Music APK. It is also known as the next version of Vanced Music APK.

Will I get to use Premium features in ReVanced Music APK [Official]?

Yes absolutely, ReVanced Music APK [Official] will provide you with all the necessary premium features for free.

How do I download ReVanced Music APK [Official]?

You can simply click on the download button mentioned on this page to get the exact and latest version of the ReVanced Music.

How can I get the updates to ReVanced Music APK [Official]?

You can simply check out this post to get the latest updates for this application in the future.

Can I get this ReVanced Music APK [Official] on Play Store?

This is the modded application it will be only available here. Even if you want to skip the premium features along with all other features then you can download the ordinary YouTube Music APK from the Play Store.

What are the differences between Vanced & ReVanced?

Vanced was the best project for the modded applications with internal patched features. Allowing the users to build the applications as they want while patching such features. Just Vanced project went down and there were no other options available this ReVanced popped up and continued the legacy of Vanced as it before.

Where can I get to see such other ReVanced applications from you?

You can simply check out our homepage to get more ReVanced APKs from our end.

APK File Installation Guide

Here, you can download this ReVanced Music APK without any extra effort. If you are looking for the seamless usage of this application on your device then you must follow this installation guide in order to get it. Here is the installation guide within an order so just make use of this guide to get a proper application on your device.

Step 01: Remove all the previous versions of ReVanced Music, Vanced Music, or even more the MicroG. You do not uninstall the previous version unless you are not able to get this application properly on your device. So, follow this very first step of this manual and remove the older versions of the mentioned applications.


Step 02: After uninstalling all previous versions, make sure to install the latest version of MicroG from our page. Keep that in mind, MicroG is a background hoster for all your ReVanced applications so it may require background permissions. So just make availability of this latest version of MicroG from our posts.

Installation Guide of ReVanced YT Music

Step 03: Now, download and install the ReVanced Music APK from this post. Here, you will get the latest version of ReVanced Music so just download and install this apk.

Step 04: Use the MicroG to patch your installed ReVanced Music APK with it. And enjoy your ReVanced Music APK without any interruption.

Installation Guide of ReVanced YT Music Done

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