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Hello there! Welcome to another post. Today we are sharing another application from the series of ReVanced projects known as ReVanced Extended. Listening to songs becomes ordinary and addictive in every phase of our lives whether it is in a sad mood or a happy one. And we just came to know that the demand for music players is increasing day by day.

ReVanced Music Extended

So before getting further ahead tell us did you ever get the right music player for yourself? Did you experience a quality level of music streaming over any music players? Are you really happy using that given the older music player on your device? If you want to make a good change in all the above situations then you all are right in the place. Today we are hosting the latest version of ReVanced Music APK [Extended] with its exclusive features for free. Make sure that your valuable presence will stay till last for this informative post.


ReVanced Music APK [Extended] is the next version of YouTube Revanced Music APK. If you ask in-depth then this is the extended version of ReVanced Music. Where the Revanced is continuing the legacy of Vanced. After making the best and the latest modifications in the Vanced version the ReVanced version was released. Basically, ReVanced Music APK is YouTube Music Premium. For those who are looking for the best music player with its premium features then this is probably the best option for you. Get the best built-in features like Adblocker, premium membership, minimized playback window, External Download, and many more features to explore.

As we all know in ordinary YouTube Music apk, we have to pay a particular price for the Premium membership and it is not possible for every user. Even we get a lot of ads while playing our content and this causes the interruption while surfing our content. In such cases, we option to patch the premium modified features to carry out the experience with its 100% potential for that particular application. And it goes in the same way for the ReVanced Music APK [Extended]. Here in this apk, you will be able to unlock such premium features that you haven’t used or experienced before. Before ReVanced was released Vanced was the one who surfed such premium features for the users. But as the Vanced project went down there was no way to sit and wait for it to get up again, instead the ReVanced took its place and continued the project as it was. Let’s have a close look at all the features that the application featured to us.

App NameReVanced Music APK [Extended]
Size54 MB

📱 Discover the Power of ReVanced Music APK! 📺

We used to listen to songs to freshen up our mood, while the taste of music is different for individuals. While doing work, gym, yoga, and any other activities we often listen to the songs. So basically, songs become a necessity to our generation and for that, there is a variety of music players available in the market. And most of the users get confused about choosing the right one. And from those options, we also get to see YouTube Music. However, because of the various limitations, we can not use YouTube Music to its full potential. Eventually for this reason we get ReVanced Music APK [Extended]. Get this application on your device and discover the extensive power of its premium features. Get to surf the features like ad blocking, background playback, customize the app name and its launcher logo, high-quality audio, layout filters, shuffle options, mini-player styles, playback speed customization, and many more. Even get the all premium features that are not available on the normal version. Now, let’s take a good look at some basic and important features of this application that make it even better for users and continue increment in usage for all users.

Removed Ads

Extended Music Ads Free

As we have mentioned earlier, you can use this apk without getting any kind of ads on it. Such as video ads, music ads, sponsor ads, home screen ad banners, and others. Now you can surf your content without any interruption on it. This feature initially makes the better experience for their users. Unless you are not getting to see or listen to any kind of ads on the apk you are going to enjoy the content peacefully. A lot of other applications are there that promote the ads and sponsors for every single normal user of them. But here you won’t get any of them. You can also shut the ads on a specific percentage after getting a premium membership of that particular application but it is not possible for all users.

Minimized Playback

Play your most loved songs while surfing the other applications on your devices. A lot of people used to listen to the songs while they working whether on their devices or somewhere else. But for those who want to work on their devices or surf any other application simultaneously playing the songs in the background then this should be the right feature for them. This feature will help the users to play their ongoing content in the background or minimize playback. Even the users can shut their devices if they want while listening to the songs on it.

High-Quality Songs

Extended Music High Quality Songs

Various music player applications won’t provide this feature until the user doesn’t own a premium membership of that particular application. You are only able to the basic quality of the songs there. But with the help of this feature, you can easily enable the HD quality songs playback on your application. Now listen to your favorite songs with the very high-quality definition on ReVanced Music APK [Extended].

External Download

While listening to the songs with high-quality on this apk, you can also download them on your device. This feature will allow the user to get the offline songs on your device externally from the application. In the normal version of this apk, the user can download the songs with a limitation based on their subscription plans or memberships. But here, there are no such limitations you can download every song on your device as you want.

Customizable Patches

Extended Music New Features

Get the various customizable patches to apply the application. Such patches will help you to unlock the features according to them. You can use the customizable patches like App name, Launcher Icon, specious audio codecs, auto-captions, navigations, layout filters, playback speed, sleep timer, premium label, non-root operations, and many more patches to apply as per the user’s need. The specific user can apply such patches to unlock the predicted feature for their application. There are a lot of patches available that can help the user to build the application from the initial stage as they want.

Music Library

Explore the wide range of songs while listing them in your library. Just like others, it is also a premium feature where you have to pay the price after you finish all your limits. In the same manner as other music player applications, you also get a few chances to make your music library with private and public modes. But with the help of this feature, you can ultimately build the uncounted playlist or music libraries as per your need. Die-hard music lovers will know the true importance of getting such music libraries in their music player applications.

Use MicroG

Get the help of MicroG and easily log in with your Google accounts to the ReVanced Music APK. Even though this is a third-party application you can still use your running Google accounts within it. This is one of the best and most necessary features from our point of view. If you see the most moded application won’t give you a chance to log in to your Google accounts within them but here you can. If you were using the normal version with your Google account previously then you shifted to this latest version and now you have the best chance to get all your data within this application.

Get Real-Time Lyrics

Extended Music Real-Time Lyrics

Those who used to see lyrics while listening to songs and love to sing the songs using those lyrics then here is the feature for you all. This feature will give you real-time lyrics to every particular song while listening to them. Most of the other applications will not provide you the all lyrical songs even getting a premium membership.

Amoled Theme

A pure black theme that looks impressive and aesthetic at the interface of your application. This theme will enhance the experience when you will surf the application. As we all know, there are a lot of music player applications but none of them provide you the best themes for your applications. Even you can get the normal themes that usually we use.

Enable Zen Mode

Enable the zen mode to reduce eye strain while using the application. This Zen mode will be the best option when you are using the application at night. Now no need to manage your brightness at all times just click to enable this mode and will get the same result.

Speed Control

Control the speed of your ongoing song as you want. Make the speed of the song fast and low according to your preferences. This is a patched feature that you will not get such a feature in the normal version.

Live Performances & Podcasts

Enjoy the live performances and podcasts every time they get published. Now, don’t need to worry about premium membership for the upcoming live events and podcasts. Just enroll the ReVanced Music APK [Extended] on your device and enjoy all those live performances and podcasts that are on the way. Listen to your lovable podcasts from your artists right on time with the help of this only feature.


Here are the final words about this post. We did try to explain the all information regarding the application well and descriptive way. During this post, we mentioned the best features, usage of the application, past about the application, and much more information. Just because of the huge demand and publicity of this ReVanced Music APK [Extended] we tried to present this application to our audience. There is no other possible way to get all things done as our choices. But we tried our best to give every single feature that is going to be useful. Your decision is in your hand so make it in the right way and choose the proper way. If you have any issues or inquiries regarding this post or application just feel free to use the comment box. Have a nice day. Goodbye!

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 🤔

Q1: What is ReVanced Music APK [Extended]?

ReVanced Music APK [Extended] is the extended and the next version of Vanced Music APK.

Q2: Is ReVanced Music APK [Extended] safe to use?

Yes absolutely, ReVanced Music APK [Extended] can be used over any device without any issues.

Q3: How do I download ReVanced Music APK [Extended]?

You can simply click on the download button mentioned on this page to get the exact and latest version of the ReVanced Music APK [Extended].

Q4: Which Android is compatible to use this ReVanced Music APK [Extended]?

You can make seamless and effective use of this ReVanced Music APK [Extended] on Android version 8+

Q5: Should I root my device to get this ReVanced Music APK [Extended]?

This ReVanced Music APK [Extended] allows the users to use the application on non-rooted and rooted devices.

Q6: What are the differences between Vanced & ReVanced?

Vanced was the best project for the modded applications with internal patched features. Allowing the users to build the applications as they want while patching such features. Just Vanced project went down and there were no other options available this ReVanced popped up and continued the legacy of Vanced as it was before.

Q7: Where can I get to see such other ReVanced applications from you?

You can simply check out our homepage to get more ReVanced APKs from our end.

Installation Guide

The following installation steps are going to work to install this ReVanced Music Extended APK on both rooted and non-rooted devices. To build the apk with ReVanced Manager the rooted devices own the priority for that. Even the other users also can use MicroG as an exception. Let’s take a look at these installation guides to get this application on your devices.

Extended Music How to Install Guide

Step 1: Download the ReVanced Music Extended apk file with MicroG on your devices. And before that, remove all the previous versions from your devices.

Extended Music How to Install Guide Process

Step 2: By giving all the necessary permissions, install both files. If your Android asks to enable installation from unknown resources then give that particular permission as well.

Extended Music How to Install Guide Done

Step 3: It’s almost done. Just open the ReVanced Music Extended APK and sign up for your Google account on it. Also, patch your ReVanced Music Extended apk with ReVanced Manager or MicroG as you’ve preferred.

Extended Music ReVanced team