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Hello, all there. We are back with our brand new application. Today we are introducing you all the YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version with its latest desired features. Many of the users are trying out the different Mod alternatives for their YouTube and in the end, they are not getting the possible results as per their usage.

YouTube ReVanced Extended

Every time they get a mod application, they find specious bugs and some glitches among them. So getting the right application was difficult for all users. And Beyond all this, we think that this is the right application for them all. Nowadays, people love to spend their free time on social platforms and YouTube is one of the most used applications among all users from around the globe. From entertaining to enhancing knowledge, YouTube is the platform for such activities. But just like the other applications YouTube also made the premium features for their premium members. Besides, there are the most regular features and stuff which is more than enough for all the users. For the deep information about the whole concept of this application let’s take a look at the introduction of this application.


YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version is well improved including the inclusive features of the normal YouTube APK. Without paying a single money the users can get to explore this application for free. When you look for possible mod alternatives for YouTube you might suffer from some difficulties and in the results you will get satisfaction from those applications. For better results and performance, the Vanced project stood up to the demands of the users and went very well for a while. But after some time, the Vanced project had to shut their servers for some regulations and all went down. Users were well settled on that project and were getting a seamless experience from all the applications under the project.

After a huge demand from the users, we have the best alternative for the ReVanced project. Including the all features and works from the Vanced, ReVanced itself manages to give the additional features over it. With smooth software, we will get extra experience while surfing the applications from the ReVanced. In order to YouTube ReVanced APK, there is an already general version available on our website. In comparison with that application, you will get to use all the premium features as same as here, you will not see a lot more difference between these two but the only thing that matters is patched features and software. With some additional features and patched services, you will get to see this Extended version of the application. Let’s check out more advanced features and information regarding the YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version.

App NameReVanced YouTube Extended
Size93 MB

📱 Discover the Power of YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version 📺

Discover the Power ReVanced Extended

Discover the latest features from YouTube ReVanced APK Extended and enjoy them with the apk on your device. Now no need to pay for the premium memberships, and even stop using other mod versions again and again. Get this YouTube ReVanced APK and get this only solution for all your problems. Not only YouTube Apk, you can also try out YouTube Music, Reddit, TikTok, and many more applications under one roof. Use the advanced premium features with their amazing performance. The Extended version of YouTube ReVanced is the version where you can enjoy the application with its extended use and performance. Following are some features that are helpful to understand this apk in a deep way with its actual work as well. We gathered here some of the most important features of this apk and will describe them one by one as follows. Stay tuned.

Ad Blocking Service

This feature is already known to most users. Even though there is a prior apk to this apk which was YouTube ReVanced APK General Version with having this same feature within it. So, for those who do not have enough knowledge about this then this is the feature where you will get an ad-blocking service within your application. As you know, whenever we started our YouTube apk, the ads continuously bothered our enjoyment, which is too much frustration for every user. In order to get over this situation, we have produced such feature that will help the user block all the possible ads from their application. This service includes blocking ads like video ads, audio ads, home screen ad banners, and all others. With the help of this advanced feature, you can get to enjoy your content without any interruption or paying single money for it.

Play In Background

Play In Background ReVanced Extended

Allow yourself to play your ongoing content in the background whether it’s a video or song. This feature functions to play the ongoing content as it is while you are on any other application even on the home screen of your device. This will help you to surf any other applications if you want while playing your content in the background. In any case, if you want to watch out for the messages or DMs from your social networks then you don’t have to pause your content for it just swipe to your needed application and your content will still be with you as it was playing before. This feature allows the user to experience the application in a better way than before.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode

Not too much different than the last one, but this is the feature where you might not get to see too many differences from the above feature. Picture In Picture mode is the feature where the user can swipe down the ongoing content on the bottom of the screen while it continues playing within a small window. This is slightly different than background playback where you will get to see a small floating window of your content right on your device’s screen. With the help of this feature, users can easily manage to surf other applications while getting a perfect live picture of their ongoing content within a small window just like the other multimedia players. If you love to read the blogs or simultaneously want to watch a dedicated video on it as well then we think there might not be another option than this feature.

Whitelist Your Favorites

Want to see the sponsored content of your favorite content creators even without getting their premium memberships? Then start using this feature. This is the right feature for those who don’t want to buy a sponsor membership of their favorite content creators. Now you just have to whitelist your most viewed or favorite video creators to watch out for their sponsored content for free. If you see, there are millions of users surfing YouTube daily and for them, there are enough quantity video or content creators as well. To generate the best revenue from the users the creators host their sponsored memberships for their users and for that user suffers to make the sponsor content available on their devices. So no need to argue and here is the proper solution for you all.

Synchronize Your Accounts

Synchronize Your Accounts

Those who always wanted to link their Google accounts for the mod applications, then here is the option for you all. Here, you can connect your Google accounts to YouTube ReVanced APK to access the data from the accounts to get connected with them. Now no need to start your account as a guest from the beginning just connect your accounts through ReVanced Manager APK and start exploring your ongoing content without any issues.

App Customizations

YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version is an open-source application for all users. Here, the users can make various customizations within the application as per their favor. Make the customizations in the app name, app logo, launch gestures, themes, visual ingredients, and all other possible customizations. The user can make a change in the launcher icon such as changing them into MMT, Revancify Blue, Revancify Red, etc. Even user can change their home page to the subscription feed as a default to get to see the subscribed feed right on when they open the apk. Customize the application in a way where you can also opt out to watch your content even when the device is in battery saver mode. Get the customized package names from MicroG for ReVanced YouTube and ReVanced YouTube Music as well.

Return YouTube Dislike

Return YouTube Dislike ReVanced Extended

Where you only see the particular likes for a video on the ordinary application, here is the feature that will show you the dislikes for the content that you wish to see. RYD is the feature that shows the counting of dislikes right under the video. As we all know, there is no such feature available in any mod version of YouTube APK, but here you can get many more features within the application.

Offline Downloads

Make your favorite content available offline on your device. This is the feature where you can get your most loved videos or songs offline on your device by downloading them with their best quality. It supports getting high-definition content offline on your device without any interruption. So, if you want to share the videos with your friends and family members then this might be helpful for you all.

Swipe Gestures

Tired of swiping down the navigation center again and again only for controlling brightness and volume. Then you must try out this feature once. Here, you will get awesome swipe gestures that will help you to easily swipe up and down to control the brightness and volume respectively. In addition, you will be able to manage the playback of your ongoing video by swiping the screen left-right orders. In order to reduce the burdens from your shoulders you can try out this feature to save your time.

Adjust Resolution

revanced team info

Adjust the resolutions for a video according to your needs. The normal YouTube will show a particular video on the same resolutions which is uploaded by the creator. But with this feature, you will be able to cross limitations for resolutions on every particular video and will be able to get possible video resolutions according to the video.


Here are the last words for this post. Today in this post, we have discussed the best application which is YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version with its latest features and workings. We also got some prior knowledge regarding the whole ReVanced series. Also, you can find many more ReVanced applications on our homepage for free of cost. Let us know which application should we introduce to you all in the next post. We hope that you all users will love to use this application on your device without any hesitations and issues. If you suffer any issues regarding this application or post then you can simply follow the comment box to interact with our executives. Thanks for staying till last. Goodbye!

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 🤔

Q1: Where can I get the latest updates of this YouTube ReVanced Extended APK?

You can simply check out here on this post to get the latest updates regarding this application.

Q2: Can I get to use all premium features within this YouTube ReVanced Extended APK?

Sure, you will be able to use all the possible features within this application for free of cost.

Q3: How can I manage my all ReVanced applications on my device?

For this, we would like to suggest you use ReVanced Manager APK for managing all your ReVanced applications.

Q4: Is this application safe to use on my device?

As there is not any harmful software that will cause any kind of harm to your devices you can use this application without any issues.

Q5: Is YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version free?

Yes, this application is free of cost for every single user.

Q6: Should I root my device to get this YouTube ReVanced APK Extended Version?

There is no such need to do so. This application is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted devices.

Q7: What are the Android requirements for getting this application?

You must have an Android device with Android version 8 or above.

Installation Guide

Here’s the proper guide about installation for this YouTube ReVanced Extended APK. If you are wondering about how you can get this device on your devices without any problems then you can take the support from this guide and can land this application on your devices without any issues. It is almost the same procedure for every single ReVanced application that you want to install. Follow these steps to get this application.

Step 1: First, you must have to remove all the previous versions of ReVanced YouTube or ReVanced Manager from your devices. You simply have to begin a new start to get this application on your device.

Installation Guide Step 01 ReVanced Extended

Step 2: Download the latest version of ReVanced YouTube Extended APK as mentioned in this post. After that, you also need to download the ReVanced Manager APK to patch your all ReVanced applications to the one manager. Install and grant all the necessary permissions to the applications.

Installation Guide Step 01 ReVanced Extended

Step 3: Patch the ReVanced YouTube Extended APK with the ReVanced Manager APK to get control over your all ReVanced applications.

Installation Guide Step 01 ReVanced Extended

Step 4: It’s done. Now, you can explore the real potential of the ReVanced YouTube Extended APK without any problems or delays.

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